“Artistry passionately shared.”

We, the PCO Development Fund campaign leaders, are so enthusiastic about PCO’s artistic excellence and value to the community, that we are continuing our matching pledge campaign through December 31st. We will DOUBLE your donation.

In the half year since indoor concerts have returned, PCO has performed to the joy of us all: 

  • July Beethoven 5th & 6th Symphonies
  • September Brahms Symphony #2, Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • October “Dream American” workshops 
  • November Handel Messiah

March 26& 27 2022 PCO’s season continues with “Words” Mahler’s 4th Symphony and William Walton’s Facade both with Soprano Marnie Breckenridge!

Thank you for your support! 

Dr. Calvin Wood

Mary & Jay Davis

Dr. Susan DuPree

Steve &Trish Harwood

Jean King

Paul & Geraldine McKeller

Richard & Doris Ryon

Sonya Shefield

Paul &Pauline Thompson


Donate with the form below or by Mail, payable to:

Pacific Chamber Orchestra PO Box 3134 Livermore, CA 94551

Legacy and major gifts can be made to the “Orchestra Society” and “Conductor’s Circle”. For additional information please email info@PacificChamberOrchestra.org


Process: 1) Choose your donation amount then click "Add to cart." Note: for the other amount box only put in a number, do not type in the $ sign. 2) The next page will show options to purchase additional tickets, when done click continue. A pop-up box will appear with the options to 1) sign-in 2) a button to create a new account and 3) a Guest button. The advantage of having an account is that it makes future donations & ticket purchases easier. However, it is perfectly fine to click the Guest button. From there it will take you to the proper page for the rest of the needed information to process the donation. Thank you!!












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